Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Mama Obsessed

I am completely caught up in two cable shows right now: HBO's John Adams and Showtime's The Tudors. An American/England match-up, well played, I think, for our happy little blog.

Both are fantastic in very different ways. Given the repulsive rabid nature of our current election, the John Adams series is at least reminding me why I actually do feel proud to call this country home. (Yes, I know these are actors.) And then The Tudors is like a twinkie you just know you shouldn't eat. All Harlequin romance and revenge. Mmm! Fun!

My favorite part of The Tudors was a little preview for this week's episode: plotters against Anne Boleyn. In the show she seems pretty damn wicked. (While in reality, I feel slightly bad for her -- she was BEHEADED after all. For BORING HER HUSBAND.) But to speak against her meant sure suicide to her detractors. So they remind themselves to sit and wait. For a moment ripe where the mood against her shifts.

I loved this. Reminded me how to deal with the (S)mothers.

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