Friday, April 18, 2008

$10,000 Birthday Party

Well, it's happened.

Here I thought we were in a recession, and now I'm finding that it's perfectly acceptable to spend the equivalent of a NEW CAR (ok, a yucky new car) on a child's birthday party.

I'll let you read the rest because I now need to walk away from the computer before I say anything too inflammatory even for our little blog.


YLM said...

Oh. My. God.

Pity the Small(er) One. Her fourth birthday is next week and I thought I was spoiling her by planning to bake two cakes - one for her classmates at school and one for the afternoon tea party she is having the next day with her aunts and cousins. The goodie bags will contain the usual plastic tat and a couple of mini-sized chocolate bars.

Now I realise that the poor child has been done wrong by her utterly scummy mummy.

The Wiggles? FONDUE restaurant? Guitars and CDs instead of goodie bags?

The world has gone mad.

Sugarmama said...

Having just wrapped up our 3-year old's birthday party over the weekend, all I can see here Why set the standard that high so early? MAYBE I could see spending that amount on an 18th birthday...but nah. We're a turn 'em loose in the backyard, feed 'em chips and cake kind of family. And everyone always seems to have a blast!

Elizabeth said...

Yeap, that settles it. I'm the worlds worst Mom. Spent a whooping $60.00 on pizza and bowling for DQ's b-day. Horrible I am!