Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Projects Projects

Thank you all for your comments about email. I tried yesterday and found instead I just withered away the morning reading -- when I should have been at the computer actually writing. Going to have to try something else....or try harder.

My latest peeve is the mountains of projects I have piling up around me that I am desperate to do: sewing, paper making, craft ideas for Easter. They're just taunting me from my precariously tall pile in the bedroom. Must. Not. Look.

Instead, I have spent the past few days trying to focus intently on work while the The Rabbit is at school and then focus on her when she's home, and wrap some projects into our fun.

Yesterday we made a sculpture garden out of clay — if I could FIND the digital camera I'd shoot a photo. I made the people looking at the sculpture while The Rabbit decided she would be the artist and "work very hard" at making the sculpture. So much fun. I can't believe squishing clay could be this much fun.

This afternoon we're starting our garden. Yes, I know. I live in cement central. But we have a huge window (that The Prince is cringing will be filled with pots by the end of the day) and that's where we're building. I have dirt, herb seeds, strawberry seeds (I know, insane, but I can dream), narcissus bulbs and ubers of starter packs. I can almost smell Spring!

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Amanda said...

just do it slowly and take your time. rushing and worrying will only make your frustration worse.