Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Was thinking of trying to put together some resolutions....and then even The Rabbit asked me this morning, "Mama? Why do you have to make a solutiom? Why not just do it?"

Right from a Nike ad into my baby's mouth.

But my normal state can't start a new year without hoping for some changes that I'd like to see happen in my life. However, I may take a tip from The Rabbit this year.

We took her to Disneyland while in LaLa land this Christmas (which will require its own post) and she stopped at nearly every wishing well she could find. (Let me tell you, there are PLENTY of these.)

And every time she passed one, she asked for a coin to throw, which she would hold tightly, and then toss. And then she would look at me or The Prince and state: "You can't tell anyone your wish or it won't come true."

So THAT'S why none of my proclamations last beyond Jan 3.

For the New Year then, I am full of new ideas, plans, and hopes. Which I will keep, for the moment, bubbling inside me.

But I will wish everyone, well, without saying it, I think you know.

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