Friday, January 25, 2008


I used to love Fridays -- those perfect days especially about this time in the afternoon when you know, basically, the work day is over and you can start dreaming about the weekend and time with friends and people you love. Movies. A bit of cleaning. Some late morning breakfasts.

Lately, though, Fridays have paralyzed me. Part of it is sitting here hoping editors get back to me. Hoping calls get returned. Hoping I can actually get off my behind and do something productive besides stressing about all the things I should be, uh, doing that would be productive.

Maybe it's January. And winter. And that sometimes working alone at home sends me to the television set just to hear a voice in the background.

I starting to think that truthfully I am never going to be someone who can just relax. I will create something to angst over even if there is nothing there. Hence my Friday afternoon lull attacks.

Thank goodness just 10 minutes left until I can get The Rabbit and my need for diversion will be over.

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mommyrage said...

I quit full-time work to look after my two year old, but freelance work has been tough..waiting for that editor to call back..I am right there so know how you feel!

I've lived in NYC and that city can be tough. Like you I blog to vent it out and it helps, so that's the best you can do.

Thank God for the internet.