Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flunking Pre-K, The Teacher's Stressed

So according to a new study, the more stressed a pre-K teacher is, the more likely they are to expel a student. Hmmm. So the more of a misfit a teacher, the more likely an innocent child is to be harmed, perhaps permanently, in school.

The numbers are very striking: Of teachers who reported "high stress," 14.3 percent had a student that was expelled, from the 4,000 pre-K classes that were randomly surveyed for the report. But of teachers who reported "low stress," just 4.9 percent expelled a student. Boys? Expelled 4 and a half times more often than girls. Older children and African Americans? Also more at risk, according to the Foundation for Child Development, a private, low-income child-focused organization.

Okay, some children are just not ready for school. And many teachers are in impossible situations. But it seems to me we have a serious problem here, some big red flags, and I have to wonder how No Child Left Behind, that munchkin-land like solution to real educational issues, will tackle this one.

(You won't see the stress factor mentioned in the press release, but if you download the brief, and head to page 5, you'll see it all in black, white and orange..)

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Tracey Bryant Stuckey said...

Great post! My opinion, No Child Left Behind will not tackle this one because the law in and of itself created this monster. Everything (standards, expectations, etc...) is being shifted downward and the children are suffering. I guess for now it is part of the American destiny - to fail because of a law written from "dreams" and lack of planning.