Monday, December 17, 2007

Exhaustion - Countdown 9 Days

Sorry to have disappeared during the Holiday melee.

This week was especially exhausting getting ready for Party 2: The Rabbit's 5th Birthday affectionately known as The Event.

We actually navigated The Event fairly well, thanks in no small part to a magician, an amazing magician called Magical Dave, who kept the 20 children focused and glued for 60 minutes. Also,a drop-off party didn't hurt. I love having parties with adults. But I have decided in the future that for The Rabbit's birthday this is the way to go.

I think you need to have a birthday for children....or for adults. And I think the two put together are...a Holiday Party, which is why we had that the weekend before. Truthfully, I think parents loved dropping their children off for 2 1/2 hours and having some time solo. I think in a way I performed a good deed -- some alone time during the holidays on the weekend? That spells massage, cappuccino and a nap all to me.

The Rabbit had a wonderful time. Her friends are truly wonderful. I mean that sincerely. I am sure there are horrific 5 year olds out there. There's not a bunch in her group of friends. Truly.


Next year I'm handing her 5 big bills and sending her to American Girl. Alone. And I'm walking down the street and getting the massage at Elizabeth Arden. More likely we'll happily see me do a repeat of this year again. But I really need to remember to book the Sunday after as a solo day for Mama. Really. Me, a manicurist at my hands, a pedicurist at my feet, and a barista pouring soothing mochas all afternoon. Holiday Heaven.

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