Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Countdown...21 Days

The great thing about Gotham during the holidays is not the glow of light on the street that makes you feel like you've walked into a Dickens story (sans Scrooge). Or that glorious feeling of coming in from a frigid windy day to a warmly lit apartment and heating up warm apple cider. Or the fact that what dogs leave behind on the street stops smelling as badly (because their Marc Jacobs-clad, $2.1 million apartment dwelling owners can't bend over to pick it up because they'll faint from not eating since the Summer Solstice....)

The great thing about Gotham is the true hybrid of culture.

Tonight, the Rabbit and I are putting the finishing touches on our tree, and are racing off in a few for a Hanukah party where we'll eat latkes, apple sauce and some chocolates after lighting the menorah. And then tomorrow, we're making Christmas cookies for our holiday shindig.

Don't know much about Kwanzaa, beyond the beautiful kinara (kind of like a menorah I believe but with seven candles) but any invitation will be warmly welcomed!

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