Monday, November 12, 2007

Updates on Daily Seeds

Away for the weekend for the Prince's grandmother's memorial and home today with a sick Rabbit.

I wanted to give my updates on how I'm progressing with my plan to start seeding some kindness around me that I announced a few days ago. I thought I would give daily updates, but as I started to type them I realized they read like some "Oooo look. I'm doing good" list which frankly made me gag. So let's just say that over the last 3 days I'm 2 for 3.

I actually have noticed something different already -- I feel way more attuned to the kindness given to me. A thoughtful voice mail message, for example, left at a moment when I really needed to hear from a friend. Kismet. Kindness. The same thing in that it's helping.

So enough of the Stuart Smalley stuff. And back to our regular programming.

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