Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Didn't Write This But Wish I Had

Sent to me from a similarly plagued mother. Apparently sent from one class parent at a elementary school to the teachers regarding the organizing of the Thanksgiving Day Feast at their school. (No, not from The Rabbit's school. Actually from a school in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STATE. Honestly.)

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

"What I Will Be Thankful For..." when this holiday - or the school version, anyway - is over.

First of all - I love you all. And none of this is about you - you are awesome, terrific, wonderful.... you get the point.

But I'm seriously hating this Thanksgiving arrangement. Case in point, I see or speak to Jane Doe (the other Kindergarten class parent) multiple times a day. But at this point, even we are sick of each other as we have spent the entire weekend in room parent hell trying to help the main class parent coordinate all the party room moms (some of whom apparently don't get along???) across 4 classes, just to plan a Thanksgiving Feast for 100 children who basically don't eat, won't eat, won't care what they eat, and/or will only want the sugar anyway. (An impressive run-on sentence you say? You ain't seen nothing yet....)


1) Set a menu. I'd suggest turkey sandwiches, fruit salad, corn or cranberry muffins, cookies and water. Although honestly - if you pick smoked salmon, or roasted boar, that's fine with me too so long as I don't have to make it. Just set something. The mothers have gotten loose, and I SWEAR - Jane Doe can back me here - they're discussing things like "an assortment of main courses" to be offered to the children, with "appropriate side dishes" etc.

They're serious. G*d help us all, they are SERIOUS. I'm having hysterical visions of mothers showing up with chafing dishes trying to figure out where to plug them in, and then fighting over which class gets which version of the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, and oh, excuse me, that would be "cranberry relish" right, not cranberry sauce, because apparently we don't eat "sauce" around here anymore.

2) Assign part of the meal to each class - as in, the Ladybugs bring paper goods, the Fireflies bring sandwiches, the Bluebirds bring fruit, and the Ducklings get muffins and cookies. For 100.

As I said, I love you guys totally, and without reservation and respect that you have one of the hardest jobs in the world. I trust you with my children's sanity, health, education, and emotional well-being, and would do ANYTHING to make your jobs easier. I'm happy to write letters on your behalf anytime, to anyone, and for any reason.

In exchange, please...... I'm begging you please..... reign in the mothers.


Oklahoma Grandma said...

I'm an older mom, kids are 32 and 35 now. I was PTA Mom, room mom, mom mom, organizer mom..yada yada. Whose stupid idea was it to have a Thanksgiving feast for 100 little people, 98% of which are probably finiky eaters? What a dumb idea, at the least. I hate people in charge to don't consider the BIG picture.

WA said...

Our school had Thanksgiving dinner catered by the cafeteria. Yeah. I finally found people who makes turkey that tastes even worse than my own.