Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daily Seed Update 2

So this daily act of kindness stuff is way WAY harder than I ever thought. I never factored in all the people who frankly irritate me so much I forget I am supposed to be nice to them.

However --

I think I've definitely been smiling a little more. Whether I mean it or not. And I am sincerely aware of how crazily irritating I've been sounding complaining as much as I have been. If I complain to every one I know, what on earth am I going to write in the blog?

So let's see....I did very much try to be nice to the woman at the Rite Aid who rang me up, until she snatched the box of toothpaste out of my hand as I was putting it in my OWN BAG which I brought to SAVE the plastic ones telling me, "Not until your card goes through. Not until your CARD. GOES. THROUGH." Right, because I didn't hear you the first time, and you caught me slyly trying to steal that box of Crest ProHealth on sale for $3.99. Oh yeah, and that box of lemon lime Tic-Tacs. (love those.)

I think I was nice to the guard at The Rabbit's school offering her one of my homemade muffins. But since I know they were a little over-baked I am not sure really how nice that is.

Got to say. Trying to be nice? Probably a good thing. But not a super fun thing. But I'm not giving up.

In the meantime off to the 'rents in law tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Have a happy one with your family!

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