Thursday, November 29, 2007

Countdown...26 Days...

This morning I got out the cookie recipes. I collect cookies recipes. I love cookies.

And every year I try out at least one new recipe for our party to see if I can add to the mix. Usually it's a dud-a-thon. Like the key limes cookies that never harden and turned into panier-like lace things the size of my head. And the sandwich cookies with filling that never hardened and dripped on everything. On my satin skirt for example. Or my favorite: a Martha Stewart recipe that promised disks of candy-colored crisp. And required so much food coloring I felt I was eating a cleaning product.

The Rabbit and I sat as she ate breakfast deciding which 5 batches I should make -- never more than 5 different kinds. I've tried six. And The Prince didn't speak to me for a day after leaving me at 3 am crying into the flour.....He keeps tally now.

She hates meringues (so cute though...!) so those were out. Ditto to anything with nuts since we have too many friends now with kids who are allergic. So we decided on:

chocolate ginger cookies
great-grandma's spry cookies (affectionately known as "color cookies")
sugar cookies (of course! with icing and sprinkles and shapes!)
orange cardamom madelines
and the new one: a pink stripe shortbread

Gingerbread cookies are on the back burner (kind of a bummer because how cute are they!) as are chocolate chip cookies should the shortbreads fail. Which they will. Or maybe I'll just TELL The Prince they did. Besides. Basically, he's just like The Rabbit -- and me.

A few icing covered candy cane cookies with red hots, and he's one big sugar plum.


Sugarmama said...

I swear, at least half of Martha Stewart's baking recipes don't work! Fortunately, it's hard to go wrong with a sprinkle- and red hot-covered iced sugar cookie. Love those.

Manhattan Mama said...

You know -- I completely agree with you. I think that's worth it's very own post. Nearly a blog just to keep track of the Martha Stewart baking disasters!