Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Countdown Begins

It's not even December yet and already my family looniness has started in preparation for the event The Prince fondly refers to as "Oh God. Is it THAT time of year again?"

Ah yes. The time of year when I start to make my own New Year's cards (100 of them), plan a holiday party, a birthday party (22 kids this time. Yes, I am off my meds), cupcakes for the said birthday at school, (homemade -- nut allergies prevent bakery cupcakes from being picked up), packages to be mailed to DC, packages to be mailed to LA, packages to be packed, and then if I have time an attempt to stand and gaze at the tree at Rockefeller Center with a hot cocoa. Which never fails to turn into a shoving match with tourists wearing cameras the size of their heads (wasn't the digital revolution supposed to make everything SMALLER!!?) and hot cocoa all over my coat. Every time.

And did I forget that I do work?

The Prince and The Rabbit have come down with a combined cough/laryngitis/runny nose/headachy kind of thing. And so since I need to be in sprinting mode for the next 28 days, and cannot afford (ABSOLUTELY NOT!) to get sick, I have thought of locking myself in the bathroom when they are around in an attempt at quarantine. But since we have just one loo in this establishment I know that won't work. But let's just say my hands are starting to get seriously chapped from the hand-washing. And I've laid in a heavy supply of those anti-viral Kleenexes.

Happy Holidays!


Sugarmama said...

Can I just say, though, that your New Year's cards are absolutely lovely pieces of paper art? If that makes you feel any better about whipping up 100 of them...

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you Sugarmama! That is why I make them because I actually love making them. Although there are those nights, at 11:30 pm, with me, a pair of scissors and glue where I just, well, wonder if it might not be better to say, sleep?;) can't wait to meet our newest reader!