Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Countdown: 27 Days 'til.....

So I have a new formula:

Don't get stressed.

It works like this: Morning comes. Pull covers over head. Stay there until it's bed time.

No but seriously folks. Actually yesterday went fairly well. I know that many people measure their holidays by parties they attend, cards they receive, time spent baking cookies with their children. I measure it by how many times I start to lose it with The Prince.

Just once last night for me, so I feel I'm doing very well. (I am sure he would disagree). It came because, as I mentioned before, we're having 32 thousand people in our house for an open house a week from Saturday. There is booze to buy, snacks to buy, cookies to bake, a house to clean, decorate -- actually all very fun things in my book. When I have help. The Rabbit has actually grown enough to be a help -- she's amazing at napkin placing. Seriously.

So last night I started to talk to The Prince about things we might want to nab this weekend to get a jump (since, hey, we BOTH work): buying wine, getting one of those K-Mart coat racks for the front door area, grabbing the napkins.

He agreed we should use the weekend to get ready. Which is why his plan is to spend the weekend PLASTERING THE WALL IN OUR KITCHEN. Forget he's NEVER plastered before. Forget that there's an actual UNION of people who plaster. Oh no. After watching 5 do-it-yourself videos from the Home Depot and other home-repair Web sites, he's set.

Maybe he'll plaster himself up there, and I can ditch the coat rack.


CDPJ said...

Why is that such a guy thing to do? When I have Hubbz help me clean or get the house ready for company or something, he usually decides that his portion of the job will be comprised of taking out every CD from the rack and alphabetizing them or some other meaningless task that makes a bigger mess than it solves. Good luck with that!

Manhattan Mama said...

Exactly! Last night he started his big "prep" project by scraping the wall. And leaving a pile of rubble. A few points because he cleaned it up....but, hey, how about CLEANING THE BATHROOM!