Friday, November 30, 2007

Countdown ...25 Days

When The Prince and I were dating we took one of those personality tests. You know. The ones where you're assigned a series of letters that attempt to clarify your uniqueness. when we went back to see our results, this guy had put some numbers on the floor. I was told to stand at one end, and The Prince at the other.

This was the gap in our way of handling situations. Basically, I'm close to an atomic stress ball and he's a Zen master. How does that work in our life? Welcome to our holidays:

I have 15 lists, in different colors, in a spiral bound notebook.
The Prince has a six-pack in the fridge.


Mrs. Virus said...

Ahhh yes. The ying and yang. I like to say that I energize my husband and he brings me back down to earth...which means I can behave any way I want and he has to be remain calm and collected by any means necessary. Viva bourbon!

Manhattan Mama said...

Agreed. Viva Bourbon Mrs. Virus!