Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where is fall?????

Sweltering through yet another day in the humid 80s, I keep wondering when fall might deign to appear and save me from my summer clothes. Nothing personal guys, but if I have to look at my short sleeve shirts, and cropped pants and shorts one more day I may turn them into scraps for the quilt I swear I will make one day, and will, when I'm 90.

The weather report is taunting me with 60-degree days -- maybe late next week. Nice to know I'll be going apple picking with The Rabbit on Tuesday when it's supposed to be -- 81 DEGREES!!!!!

I'm sorry. But I think 5 months of having to stare at my ghostly pale legs one more day is just too much torture. (And I'm talking about torture for me.)

So fall, come on. Give it up MAN. It's OCTOBER. Get it together. Or I swear, I'll start pledging my loyalty to winter. Now that's cold.

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