Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stress Measured In....

Packs of Orbit gum chewed 11

Cups of coffee 31

Calls to mom 26

Calls to sister 18

Boxes of Kleenex used 1 1/2

Minutes spent starting blindly out window 343

Batches of chocolate chip cookies baked 4
(all for The Rabbit's school bake sale)

Cookies personally consumed 6

No. of reruns of Mad Men viewed 3

Hugs to teddy bear 3
(yes, I still have mine)

I suppose that this is a fair measurement of how one can cope with the acute stress I seem to be ping-ponging between each day. But you know what? The Rabbit's coming home from school soon, and we're going to make more cookies for another bake sale, and that makes all the rest breathable.

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