Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Clarification

It's come up -- and we at Mothers feel we must clarify -- that whenever we write in our posts about a product, or list them on our Hot/Not side column, we have not taken money, freebies, or even a compliment from the brand that we mention.

Now, yes, you can ask: Since you are a grouchy pair of Mamas, why would anyone want to pay you to write about their shoes/polish/handbags anyway? Well, we agree. We don't understand either except to say that you, our readers, are clearly Mothers with enough of a cool edge that people want you to hear about their goodies.

If we ever decide to run a true, honest, advertisement, we promise to make that a clearly marked item. We might even put it in a box that says: "Look Here! Someone has paid us money to run this ad here about this product and we don't know NADA about it so read at your own risk!!" Or something like that.

But you can be assured, when we write that Crocs are truly unattractive, and that we'd rather be caught in a henna rinse then in skinny jeans, no on has paid us to say that. And it will stay that way. Promise.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

yeah, crocs are butt ugly, but they are oh-so-comfy. I am at the age that my feet go for comfort rather than sexiness or fashion.