Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Missive From Rome

From Yummy London Mummy:

Alpha, the mini-yummies and I have been in Rome for the past five days, an attempt to unwind after two months of deadline hell and to escape the builders who are currently trashing Casa Yummy in pursuit of completing our long-awaited kitchen extension.

I could wax lyrical for hours about the beauties we have seen, the annoyances of travelling with small (and often bored) children, the tedium of queuing for hours at various airports... But here is a synopsis - an overview of Rome, as seen by Firstborn and the Small(er) One:

Most favoured insult (Firstborn): “La fruitcake!“ (Said in a French accent and bellowed, we're uncertain as to its source)

Most favoured insult (Small(er) One): “You smell of wee!“

Happiest moments: In the lollypop shop/ eating ice-cream / eating pizza/ lobbing coins into the Trevi fountain

Pure happiness: Firstborn's first tooth coming out, followed by a visit from the Italian tooth fairy
Utter misery: Trailing behind Mummy shopping

Terrible misery: Going into yet another church (“Church is boring! Don't wanna go to church!")

Naughtiest moment (Firstborn): Punching Alpha in the willy... on purpose

Naughtiest moment (Small(er) One): Too many to mention but what really rankled was refusing to go to sleep and then trying to wake Firstborn up by poking her in the eyes and up her nose... every night

Tantrums (Firstborn): 3,941

Tantrums (Small(er) One): 4,924

Sibling squabbles: 9,256

Sibling hugs: 9,821

Places of outstanding beauty ignored by all members of the Yummy Family aged five and under: too many to count

Miles walked: enough for Firstborn to bellow "My leg is about to fall off and then I'll die and it's all your fault!". Luckily the Small(er) One traveled by buggy.

We are now sitting in the airport waiting for our delayed flight to Geneva. Back in London on Saturday. I kind of can't wait...

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