Friday, October 05, 2007

Free To Be....

The Rabbit, on hearing Mama needs to work to make money, started to come up with reasons why she should be more of a priority -- and why Mama should work less.

So she came up with a list of things that, after all, all free. Although shocked that My Little Ponies and cookies actually did cost money (the horror), she was psyched that I did agree with many of them:

outer space where all the planets live like Jupiter
whole wide world
teeth and eyeballs

Given my state of mind in recent days, I was so taken aback by this, and taped the little list to the wall over my desk. I forget how much my mind has been shaped and molded to stop seeing the world this way.

So today I'm noticing the crisp red crane near a construction site down the street, and the dawny pink flowers of my blooming african violet. And even though the city is blanketed in a thick humid fuzz in an desperate (and pathetic) attempt to prevent fall from trumping, I know that tonight the moon will come, shining from its perch in outer space where all the planets live like Jupiter.

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