Friday, October 12, 2007

Call me Ogre

One of the reasons I should not be volunteering for another crumb in my life is because I am also helping, God help me, with the Halloween event this year -- yes, AGAIN.

And so today as I was fielding calls from lawyers (part of this horrendous chaos in my life) the phone rang. and then rang. and then RANG and then an email came. I picked up the third call -- knowing it was about this event and was told that we had to know HOW MANY tickets I sold last night (oh yeah, did I mention I spent part of last night in the lobby of my building WITH the Rabbit selling tickets? Dinner for me: Bazooka gum.) because we HAVE to buy the toy giveaways TODAY. And yes, of course, this is my emergency.

And then, if the milk curdling irritation was not already audible from my voice (yes, I am quite aware I give very bad phone) I am asked: Why were the flyers publicizing the event not put in one of the other buildings? Not something that was my responsibility -- and not something I could even handle.

So I say, "Don't know you'll have to ask XXXX." At which point I am a given a curt, "Oh." and the phone goes click.

And you wonder why I am a misanthrope.

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