Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer Cold

I don't understand how a cold in the summer months can feel 80 times worse than one in the winter.

I know having a little one automatically enters you into the cold-of-the-month club, but truly I am exhausted from having to keep Kleenex and Sudafed stocked in the cupboard.

I had thrown away the bottles of Purell after all the warnings came out on how dangerous antibacterial soaps and gels are (something about killing the good bacteria -- the ones that eat the bad guys.) I still wash my hands and The Rabbits hands religiously. But I swear I am thinking of breaking out a box of those mouth covers -- you know -- the ones you see doctors wear in operating rooms, or those people on the street, the ones you back away from slowly because you don't want them to launch into a tirade about your leather bag, or stroller or whatever has stuck on their insanity radar for the day. Just like those people.

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holly said...

I always find summer colds to be worse because having the sun shine in your eyes makes you sneeze. So all that sun an a cold are just miserable.