Monday, July 02, 2007

The Daily Syphon

Sure it's a cliche, but somewhat true:

Every time I walk out my door, Gotham manages to make me $100 poorer. Okay, so some days it's $20, some days $4, some days $233.65. But I don't know how the city can act like such a money suck.

Here's a tally of the Rabbit, Prince and my day yesterday:

Ratatouille: $28 (2 adult tix, one child)
Bagels/coffee/choc milk before: $20.65
Popcorn (SOOO necessary) $5
Apple store (not an iPhone and NOT drooling over it) $88
Cab home: $9
Drinks for friend's birthday: $43
Babysitter: $40

Tally: $233.65

Granted, it was a Sunday. Granted some Sundays are spent in the park with bags of grapes, cups of coffee, a $1 bottle of bubbles and the paper. But then there are those Sundays where money hoovers from our pockets.

Makes me seriously long for an afternoon with just a book, some water and sunscreen for The Rabbit on the beach that it would cost us just $3000 to get to in Mexico.

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