Thursday, June 07, 2007


The Rabbit has eczema -- a skin condition we discovered after she screamed about her feet itching for 2 weeks, tried athletes foot goo stuff, had the flakiness biopsed, had two doctors check her out (including her grandfather) and finally went to the head of Columbia U's dermatology department who took one look and said, "Yep, eczema."

So considering her skin flakes at the slightest irritation, we are prone to carrying vaseline around with us. Recently we found that sunscreen caused her skin to itch. And since she is not about to walk around WITHOUT sunscreen (if you ever saw how my skin creates a glare from the whiteness you'd understand) we have allowed her to pack a little bottle of vaseline with her to school everyday.

(pause) Just a moment here to let your brain start working.

I picked her up from school today and she shined. Not her skin. Oh no. Her pants. Her shirt. Her hair. Her shoes! She crinkled from the stuff. Couldn't have gotten a better sheen from a deep fryer. So, okay, I bit. I asked her: "Rabbit, why did the vaseline end up all over your clothes and hair and not on your skin?" She put her little hand on her non-existent hip and said, "Mama, that stuff is greasy. I had to wipe my hands. Okay?"

Yep. Okay.

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