Thursday, June 14, 2007

Power Struggles

What is it about power struggles and going to the bathroom? I know this is only a HINT of what I am going to face come The Rabbit's teen years, and I am terrified.

I can tell when she needs to go...she hops around like, a, well, rabbit, holding herself. But god forbid I would ask her if she needs to go, or worse, TELL her to go. She screams at me like I am asking her to take her beloved stuffed dog and throw him out the window. Or let me wash him.

So we do this: I see her jumping. I say, "Let's go to the bathroom PLEASE." She screams. I back down. 20 minutes later. Repeat. 10 minutes Repeat with escalating voice levels. 12 minutes later, a hurried run to the bathroom and pee streaming down her legs, on to her clothes, her socks, the rug, with her smiling like, "You can't get me."

Short of demanding she clean it up (She's 4...can I do this????? Don't send me hate mail....) I don't know what else to do except keep heading down to the laundry twice a week.



YLM said...

Yep. We're with you on this one. Except the Small(er) One has now graduated to shouting "I'm going to wee my pants" when I've cruelly refused her whatever happens to be her heart's desire at that very second.

I think it's an attention thing, closely related to a 'ha! I've figured out a way to push your mental mommy buttons'. The cure? Buggered if I know.

Manhattan Mama said...

So when they hit 16 is it going to be, "I'm NOT throwing out my pot!"?????