Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Poker Face?

The Prince says that if I feel strongly about something it's written all over my face. Bluntly? I am not good at hiding my emotion. True true. Honestly, if I don't like someone, I can barely actually look at them. (But don't think that means I don't have a mean poker face. Poker is not an emotional game and I don't care if I win or lose -- which means I am damn good at bluffing.)

So given my emotive facial map, you can imagine what's been going on with me at The Rabbit's school. I can't look at the teacher. I usually work in the classroom once afternoon a week. Thankfully I had a hideous case of food poisoning on my designated day last week. (Believe me, I preferred this.) But with the next one looming up (and thankfully the last) I know I have to get out of it or risk foaming at the mouth during Circle Time.

Given that there are just a few weeks left, and many half days strewn in between, I feel comfortable with bowing out for work reasons .... and making The Prince deliver the message.

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Mom Tu-Tu said...

I had teacher problems this year with my sons preschool teacher. I symathize with whatever you're dealing with!