Monday, June 11, 2007

The Nicest Night

Tonight The Prince is working late and so The Rabbit and I went out for pizza solo. It's not an unusual thing. Often I do the bedtime thing solo -- he takes her to school in the morning, so it's fair.

But I can't remember having this much fun with The Rabbit in so long. She ate HALF A PIZZA! And drank orange juice, beat me at tic-tac-toe (really), drew me some flowers, made me laugh when she drooled out some orange juice while she was laughing, and then dropped ice cubes all the way home, stomping on them and then announcing it would make "them melt faster mama. Don't you know that?"

It's late. She should be in bed. But, as The Rabbit is singing right now, "We're having a speeeeeciallll day!!!!!!"

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