Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Horned Calluses

In honor of the temperatures finally (horribly) rolling into the 90s, I am taking the scary horrors known as my feet to a salon for a pedicure aptly tagged "The Works."

I am not normally fond of shoes that show the toes. They always look fine on other people, but I often think my feet should be covered -- unless I am barefoot in the park, on the beach, etc. But on the street of Gotham? No thank you.

However this year I have decided that I may try and give them some air -- and stave off the ghastly smell that tends to permeate most of my shoes by the end of August. So I bought a little silver pair of sandals, and am off to have my creatures buffed, waxed, peeled and shined.

Let's see if The Works, works.

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