Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cherry on Top

I pick the Rabbit up from school today -- last day.

She comes running across the playground, tears streaming down her face, and falls in a crumple in my arms. I am consoling her when one of her teachers comes up and says, "We had a hard time today at the end of the day." We?

I walk with her to a shady corner of the sidewalk and the Rabbit starts to tell me how her teacher screamed at her -- twice -- today. Once for talking to another girl when she was supposed to be listening to teacher, another time because she was looking for her sparkle paint in her book bag as they were lining up to go home.

Now I agree that she needs to pay attention to her teacher, and line-up time is supposed to be quiet, and their hands at their side. But screaming? I don't think so. The Rabbit says, "And what I did didn't need screaming."

Love it. On her last day. Had to make her cry. Because she wanted to make sure she had everything before she left, and tried to talk to a friend. Doesn't it seem like I'm supposed to be getting a message?

Okay. I finally got it.


Sweetpeabart said...

AAAWWWWW!!!! That breaks my heart. I would NOT keep my kiddo in a place that makes her cry, but I know it's a tough decision sometimes.

Broke our heart to 'fire' a caretaker that she didn't like going to, but you gotta do what's best for her!!!

I think we'll look for a new doctor soon, too, since the last time we were there i heard them talking in the hall about us. So un-cool.....

Hang in there and just enjoy your summer with your sweetie-pie!!!!

Kris said...

Oh, man. That's so hard. Give her a hug for me. And that teacher a dirty look, at least - ;)

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you sweetpeabart and Kris...hugs are on the way from both of you....

Crazy Baby Lady said...

I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I can't believe that teacher! I know they have a hard job but didn't she understand when she took it that they are CHILDREN?

I'm glad you have made your decision. I will be best for Rabbit in the long run.