Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad bad blogger...

Yes, I am a bad blogger. I keep thinking about all the things I would like to write about, in fact I compose many (I fondly imagine) witty and insightful posts on the tube while being squished into a sweaty heap by all the other (larger and meaner) commuters, but with one thing and another they never actually make it onto the page. If only I could post directly via my brain I'd be OK.

I've gone past being 'blah' and now have morphed into 'insanely busy' which means I don't have any time whatsoever to think about anything else except the next work deadline and trying to keep the kids clean, fed, watered, hugged and kissed, and dropped off at school or nursery on time. Sometimes when I have a few moments to kill I manage to wash their clothes and check their book bags for notes from school, which always feels like an astounding achievement. Sometimes I even manage to converse pleasantly and collapse in front of the telly with an equally exhausted Alpha Male.

It's a shame, but modern life is not exactly condusive to romance...

However, hopefully it is all about to change.

The rather brilliant plan is for me to go down to four days in the office with half a day at home from mid-July, which means (hurray) that I will have a blissful half a day to myself at home - or at least it will be by myself when the school terms starts again in September - when I will be able to do all the stuff that I never have time for... like having a shower, shaving my legs, getting haircuts, making sense of the usual domestic chaos and guess what... might even be able to squeeze in a bit of BLOGGING! I simply cannot wait.

And the other fantastic piece of news is that the Small(er) One has now been accepted into nursery class at the same school as Firstborn. It took a whole lot of persistance, more than a little persuasion and an element of having to sell one's soul (one day I will reveal more) but finally it came good. No more having to schlep two kids from one end of the Borough to another, no more multiple drop-offs, no more frantic juggling (or at least less frantic juggling) and best of all, the kids will be able to see each other for more than the fraught one hour a day they do at present. In fact they will have breakfast together, go to school together, then come home together, play together from 3.30pm to dinner time, eat together... It will change their little lives.

It feels as if a whole new world is opening up to us.

What a blessed relief.

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