Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Watching TV is NOT Playing."

The Rabbit has turned critic.

On Friday afternoon, amid a slush and sleet storm, The Rabbit informed me she did not want to go to ballet class. Since I don't have any fantasies that she will perform in Swan Lake -- nor did I relish the idea of venturing out into the black and (worse) yellow crud on the sidewalks, I was fine with the idea of staying in.

What do you want to do? "WATCH movies!"
So I rented Brother Bear 2 (Oh, keep your comments to yourself) and settled in with her, snuggling, eating apples and watching the movie. After? She wanted to draw pictures for "daddy" with her new markers.

Daddy came home for dinner. He asked what we did. "Nothing." I prodded her gently, reminding her what a nice afternoon we had. She said, "But we didn't play." I again reminded her that we did exactly EVERYTHING she had asked to do. A "Rabbit afternoon." She said, "Mama, drawing is sitting. Watching TV is sitting. Watching TV is NOT playing."

Guess who is not watching a movie again until h--l freezes over.

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