Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Daughter Has A Better Social life Than I Do

With school, ballet class, a weekly playgroup and to playdates, The Rabbit has a richer social calendar than mine: which consists of waving to some moms at pick-up in the afternoon and The Prince.

Today I am sitting thinking, Gee, a beautiful day, I should play some hooky and call a friend. Screetch of brakes: My best friend lives in Washington, DC. A good friend in NY is at some Ashram in India for the month (Yes, she's childless...). YLM is in LONDON!!?!! The rest are not (sigh) around.

I have never been a social butterfly. I actually think that sitting alone with a great book and a cup of coffee is a GLORIOUS way to spend my time. Throw in a garden and that's what I hope heaven looks like...well as long as I get to see The Rabbit and The Prince some times. But now I suspect that all this energy into The Rabbit's social calendar may have been a little misfed. Or maybe it's just that spring is here and I've come out of my winter hibernation.


Whirlagirl said...

friends can turn up at the strangest times, like the end of March - see you soon! ;)

Manhattan Mama said...

Yeah! :)!