Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again

It's warm, the trees are beginning to bud, coats thrown aside....yes, you guessed it.

the (S)mothers have returned.

I knew the lag was too good to be true.

So now they've come back -- actually new (s)mothers. I am slowly starting to suspect that (s)mothers may actually be some alien leech that chews its way into a normal mother and then presto --(S)motherville. Although I just think these women were born this way.

This week? Oh yes, playgroups again. This time for the summer months. And who has been excluded? Truthfully, this time I feel, me. From a mom I helped get into THIS playgroup, which as you'll recall, the Rabbit was excluded from the first go around.

I am starting to feel that living in Gotham means you have to be a narcissistic praying mantis. Those of us who actually try and do nice things only get trampled on. Sure we'll come to your house and eat your food. Sure we'll take part in your kid's next birthday party. Sure we'll leech on to your photo shoot. But will we invite you to ours? Will we say thank you? Will we include you in our summer plans? Are you on crack?

I honestly believe that for me to even tolerate it here I have to transform myself. Come on, drink the Kool Aid. Everyone is doing it. Come on, just let this little leech crawl under your eye ball. It won't hurt and you won't remember anything.

Anyone have an anecdote?


YLM said...

I have no anecdote, and not even an antidote, but I can tell you that you are a great person and it is, frankly, their loss.

I knew you were utterly brilliant from the moment I met you, and obviously I am some kind of authority on this (having the misfortune to meet so many personality-challenged people in the course of my daily grind) so...

f*ck 'em. I repeat - their loss, most definitely not yours.

Manhattan Mama said...

Hey -- Where are YOU???
I miss you. And as you already well know, the feeling is completely mutual.