Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's all those RICH people causing problems

So I'm supposed to believe that the reason that the Rabbit and I are having to elbow our way into a decent school for her next year is because the Riches are having babies and not moving to the suburbs. I don't know how many problems I find with this New York Times story -- one because I am not apparently rich enough to be rich according to the piece (does this really shock me?) and also because ... well....maybe I am being stupid in not fleeing for the suburbs either.

Growing up in Los Angeles proper makes me a half-city, half-suburb kidlet myself. The Rabbit is clearly 100 percent urban. I wouldn't mind a little in between for her -- but suburbs of New York? Frankly, all those woods and big houses and Land Rovers freak me out.

Anyway, an interesting story for those who live in a city. The rest of you can just pat yourself on the back and feel superior to the rest of us....

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