Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tea Party

The Rabbit and two other 4-year-old friends are sitting in princess dresses watching Strawberry Shortcake in what is a momentary break in the most chaotic tea party afternoon ever. In just 90 minutes they have managed to:

1. Have potty breaks once (yes, I am watching them...)
2. Argue twice over who got to wear the Tinkerbell shoes. (The shoes got a time out).
3. Eat 3 pink petit fours with butterflies on them.
4. Spill "tea" on the floor 4 times.
5. Get 5 minutes to play the piano.
6. Cry 6 times.
7. Make me get up from my desk 7 times to negotiate an argument.
8. Tell each other "You're not my friend" 8 times.
9. Give me 9 shots from the Rabbit's doctor kit.
10. Make me look at the clock 10 times and wonder where their mommies were.

I have to say, I love that The Rabbit has her friends over. I just wish they could behave maturely and calmly. Is that asking too much from sugar addled, nap-deprived 4-year-olds? I think not.


Sugarmama said...

I'm just impressed that you let her have TWO friends over. That takes some guts, in my book. The last time I let my daughter have 2 friends over was 3 years ago because it was that much of a disaster. 3 kids means someone's bound to feel ganged up on.

Manhattan Mama said...

I know what you mean. The problem with 4 is that you end up running a mini-circus. Just 2 is probably perfect -- but not as much fun for a tea party. There were a couple of moments when I saw a serious faction beginning -- and I just warded it off with stickers and band-aids -- which in The Rabbit's opinion are actually better than stickers.

Yummy London Mummy said...

That sounds about right. I am of the opinion that small girls actually enjoy bickering, squabbling and general grumpiness, while small boys just run around and thump each other.

And what is it about torturing parents with doctor kits? Mine are especially fond of sticking their primary-coloured chunky-plastic syringe in my butt, as hard as possible.

Manhattan Mama said...

Tell me about it. I think they have no other way of getting even for all the real jabs they endure. (except, of course, for the lovely tantrums...)