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So Lame Am I

So I discovered how serious my lack of computer skills were when I realized how late I was in upgrading to the new Blogger to even post. (Let's not even start on how lame I am for these looooong vacations from our blog...I don't think YLM is going to forgive me at this point.)

But I have upgraded and I will attempt to list the reasons for my recent departure which will only firmly fasten in the minds of you, dear readers, how lame I am:

1. My bathroom exploded with a leak from the "refuse pipe" from our neighbor upstairs and we are now living with 1/4 of our bathroom wall missing, and our windows open as the walls dry out. And Wednesday is set to be 27 degrees. Farenheit. The plasterer made us an appointment thank goodness to fix out walls. For Feb 15th. Yes, February.

2. I got a skateboard (yes, you read right) and am trying to teach myself to ride it. Which means The Prince is riding it. And The Rabbit. And I look about as cool as I did when I tried to learn to snowboard. (I love it though....)

3.The Rabbit is set to take a test in the next 2 weeks which could determine where she may be sent to school for the next 6 years. Most of her friends have heard of their test date. Of course, The Rabbit hasn't. This alone has made me sit, unmoving from the couch, shoving Rococo chocolates in my mouth. (a lovely gift from YLM in my Christmas Box. I love her. FYI The cinnamon is amazing.)

4. I actually bought a new Mac and the thought of moving all my files to the new creature has thrown me into computer terror. I have spent about 2 weeks moving files and photos on to an external hard drive -- all the while using the Mac (and the box it is still in) as a handy coffee table.

5. New York is in the throws of global warming (at least until Wednesday when we're supposed to plunge in arctic freeze) and so I have been dazed and confused by the warm weather and planting paperwhite bulbs in every and any available container.

6. Did I mention the bathroom situation? Large holes. Where cockroaches can crawl through. New York City cockroaches. Enough said.

7. New York City owes us $800 in back property tax rebates which the man down the hall has allegedly been collecting and was recently arrested wandering the street in his bathrobe and his birthday suit. A lovely man who has a voice that sounds like the MovieFone man has promised to fix this for me. That was 2 months ago. I can't get him to return my calls. Of which there are currently several. (Hey, $800 buys a lot of wrist guards....)

And that's the gist of my recent diversions, aside from actual work which of course is concurrent, that has kept me from the blog.

I know I have promised before I wouldn't wander again. I could make that promise again. And I truly don't know if I would trust myself. So I'll just say what I've been telling The Rabbit everyday she screams on her way to swim class: Just try.


Alfred Chew said…
That's Life........
I forgive you.

New blogger is great!

And I'm so pleased you like the choccies. Apologies that I havn't sent a thank you note (you might be crap at cleaning but I am crap at everything to do with social niceties, despite my mother's best efforts throughout my childhood).

So here it is...

Wondrous MM, Prince and Rabbit,

Thank you so much for your lovely gift box. I am using the little book for inspired notes dreamed up when my nose is wedged in a sweaty armpit on the tube ride to work. The papier Japanese tray is holding an assortment of buttons, small change and odd cufflinks on Alpha's dresser (which does not exactly do this thing of beauty justice but boy is it useful). The girls love their toys and are holding daily tea parties with Dora the beanie toy in attendance.

Alpha finishes his radical life transformation this summer and hopefully we will then have some money, so maybe... New York! New York! I gotta take a bite out of that big apple you live in one day soon.... roaches or no roaches (remind me to tell you my Fiji roach story one day, euww).

Miss you.


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