Monday, January 01, 2007

My Yummy New Year Resolutions

1. I will learn to say "sorry" and mean it
2. I will get my ass out of bed in the morning without cursing and bitching
3. I will fold the laundry once it is dry rather than leaving it in a heap for a week
4. I will stop obsessing about my wrinkles; instead I will cleanse and moisturise properly, drink water instead of Diet Coke and learn to love the character my, um, 'laughter lines' give me
5. Ditto tummy flub; instead I will do sit-ups every morning, drink more water, hold myself upright instead of slumping and stop trying to pretend I am ever going to have the body of an eighteen-year-old again
6. I will stop flicking my cigarette butts into the garden (yeah, I know this should read 'I will ditch my unwholesome reliance on Marloboro Lights' but hey, one thing at a time)
7. I will make more of an effort with the other parents at Firstborn's school and I will stop trying to make Alpha go to all the kiddie parties on his own by pretending I have something essential to do elsewhere (i.e. haircut, shopping, lying on the sofa)
8. I will try to be more understanding regarding Firstborn and the Small(er) One's utter failure to grasp the concept of time - so what if we're late for everything?
9. I will read the kids a story every night, no matter how tired I am or how pressing the work deadline
10. I will learn to be grateful, to relax and absorb the many wonderful things in my life, rather than fixating on achieving the next goal. I have many blessings which deserve my full concentration right now.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I'm just impressed that you've gotten your man to go to ANY kiddie parties at all! Sure wish I could be allowed to skip out on a few to lay around on the sofa...

Anonymous said...

Why bother!
1. Never say "sorry" and mean it.
2. Curse away - never keep it in.
3. Why?
4. Single malt better.
5. Ditto
6. OK - messy.
7. If Alpha enjoys it, humour him.
8. So what indeed.
9. Get them to read to you while you try out 4.
10. Blessings never need full concentration. Just take them for granted.

Happy and Easy New Year!