Saturday, January 20, 2007

4 things that happened this week

1. Alpha, who gave up smoking three years ago, went out tonight and bought a pack of pipe tobacco and rolling papers. Then he stood in the garden and smoked, shivering in the gale force winds, and making bashful faces at me through the window. I sat on the sofa shaking my head at him and tutting. The truth is that I am secretly gratified as this moment of weakness means Alpha can no longer hector me about my own addiction to the evil weed. Ha.

2. The decorators are in giving the flat a facelift. Last night I forced Alpha to take the perfectly fine but somewhat bland cream paint he had bought for the hallway back to the shop to exchange it for a taupe shade (I had been looking through interior design magazines all day and was feeling 'inspired'). The hallway now looks like a giant biscuit and at some point I will be forced to apologise, not to mention having to retract my assertion that: "I know all about interior design, in fact I have a natural talent for it, and I am telling you there is nothing worse than bland, bland, bland!" Agh. I hate being proven wrong.

3. We discovered that the Small(er) One really, really likes curry.

4. I discovered that I really, really like Ben & Jerry's chocolate frozen yoghurt with brownie chunks. Yum. Yum. Yummy yum.

I had originally intended to write five things but I can't think of anything else that might possibly be of interest. I could tell you about the utter pleasure of shaving my legs for the first time in a month, or the fact that the Small(er) One has finally lost the fat bracelets around her wrists and ankles (which is actually kind of sad as it marks the end of her babyhood), or that Firstborn did her first piece of embroidery at school which demonstrated her charming lack of interest in conventional pattern and colour combinations, or that I had one hell of a working week and put in a twelve hour day yesterday and will be working this weekend to meet an unreasonable deadline, or that Alpha and I were supposed to go out tonight but we're too tired and/or lazy so spent the evening wallowing on the sofa like big pigs watching Ugly Betty and C.S.I., but you might not be too interested, so I won't.

Ben & Jerry is calling, in seductive tones, from the freezer, so I'm off. Over and out.


Oh, The Joys said...

Ah, curry in your country. It is much mo' betta than here...

Em said...

I am not sure abotu Ugly Betty. I think it is ok, but not as fabulous as they keep hyping it. I still prefer The OC (I think I am a wannabe teen!).

Yummy London Mummy said...

Curry is indeed a fine dish.

Ugly Betty is not as good as My Name Is Earl (destined to go down is TV history as a cult classic) but I disagree about the OC. The OC started out well but I think it has gone seriously downhill from about the second series. However, I still have a bit of a thing about the little guy with the eyebrows (sorry, Saturday morning anmesia has me in it's grip).

I also have a passion for ER, but that is mainly because I have a ghoulish fascination for all things bloody and surgical. It's got nothing to do with handsome moody doctors, oh no, not at all.