Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Post-birthday blues

Still no Tiscali, which means quick 20-second posts from work. Naughty.

It was my birthday yesterday which is merely adding to my woes. Another year older and still not wiser but certainly more crinkly. Plus I'm suffering from the dreaded menstrual bloat. And I have a zit. And bikini line shaving rash (waxing being a luxury of people with time and no children/ full-time nanny). What else could possibly go wrong? Must I suffer any more?

Life can be so cruel.

Alpha Male, however, came up trumps and booked me in for a surprise facial and pedicure. Possibly the best birthday gift ever, although I must admit a lot of the thrill was having two hours of forced lethargy on a Sunday afternoon with no imperious demands for "jooce!" or "biccies!" to contend with. Pure Heaven.

More from the dark side soon.


Manhattan Mama said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear YLM
Happy Birthday To You

If you had given me ANY notice I could have shipped over some Reeses Pieces....instead you have to settle for my silly little tune.

spender said...

well done alpha male, maybe you aren't the archetypal crass male oaf after all!