Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here's what I want to know:

Do these work for anyone?

I am such a state of anxiousness I grabbed some book off my shelf and have started chanting these things out loud to myself like something from a Saturday Night Live skit. (This was after downing 4 scoops of ice cream in 11 minutes which did not help -- sorry Ben and Jerry's.)

I know they say if you visualize positive things, they can happen. But if you repeat them out loud like some caffeinated parrot does that work too?

Something tells me that's a big fat no.


Brony said...

Affirmations are about re-channeling your energy. Switching from the negative to the positive. You need to be calm to take in your surroundings and be aware of your mind, body and soul.

So, I'd likely have to say that no it won't work.

Hang in there.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

No, I think affirmations are probably crap - if they actually did work for you, you'd know it by now, yes?

And look, I just read your earlier posts about The Rabbit's school and I really feel for you. I stuck it out with my eldest for the first year and then changed schools and it wasn't much better and we may now, three years further on, be changing again. I feel terribly guilty about disrupting her, but would feel much worse if she was somewhere that made us all unhappy.

Whatever you decide, trust your instincts over and above all other advice (including mine!!!)

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you guys -- I know they won't work. But at least they distract me for a few minutes.
And Bec -- where are you now??? We miss you!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi there MM, I'm still here! Kim and I decided to give the joint blog a break and I am now at www.ladieslounge.blogspot.com and Kim is at www.allconsuming.blogspot.com - Glamorouse still exists, we like to think it's taking a spa...

I think I'm in your blogroll but you have one of those ones that adds automatically, don't you? So I should have realised you didn't know I'd moved!

Good luck with the whole school thing, again, I really understand the anguish.