Monday, July 17, 2006


**Disclaimer: This is not abut The Prince. Entirely...**


One of the most hateful words. And why?

How easy it is to toss it at a woman and bear down on her the shameful -- or alleged shameful -- behavior of generations of women before. How many of us have been temporarily silenced by that word flung at us to keep us from saying something we need to say?

Okay, sure, maybe a double reminder to take out the trash, or take out a car seat, or submit expenses is unnecessary.

But what about driving slower when your rabbit is in the car? Or pick up a prescription before the pharmacy closes for the night?

And ask yourself -- have you ever been called a nag by another woman?

Picture a nag. Go ahead. Close your eyes. I see a broken-down horse that is exhausted and bullied. Not a creature that has any energy to even stick up for themselves.

I say we put an end to this nag-ing. I say leave the stinking trash in the can and go on kitchen strike until it's thrown out. or just pick up the prescription for yourself or pluck your rabbit from the car. Please.

And then the next time somone utters the word in your presence, neigh loudly like that broken-down horse. Enough of that, and it just might silence them.


Yummy London Mummy said...

MM - I tried the neigh and am happy to report it almost worked. Well, it raised a laugh if not an abject apology...

Manhattan Mama said...

I'm braying like a crazy woman over here...not very successful except for raised eyebrows and a query if I had consumed too much caffeine....

Anonymous said...

I am a son. I asked my mother if she's take me to the hospital because the food in my stomach hasn't digested since last night, and it's beginning to cause pain. My mother tells me that it's probably because i didn't get enough sleep. Dispite the fact that I ate last night at around 12-1 a.m., here it is 12:19, and foods still in my belly! This same thing happened to me yesterday at lunch. i could feel the food in my throat for about 6 hours. I told her that. She told me to go to bed earlier. if you ask me, mother's usually are nags.