Friday, June 16, 2006

A woman obsessed

It's been a month of obsession. In fact, I've been ricocheting between obsessions like a faulty yo-yo. I've been work-obsessed, vanity-obsessed, kid's party-obsessed, and then I turned into Militant Mama (yep, the Net Neutrality issue). Right now, it's the start of the weekend and the sun is shining so I'm planning on chilling out a bit and becoming reading obsessed.

I've just finished re-reading Jay MacInerney's 'Story Of My Life', which was as good as I remembered, and am anticipating plunging into Douglas Coupland's new (doubtless) work of genius, 'Jpod', which came out in the US last month and in the UK last week.

You can get a taste of it here.


Emily said...


I've just read We need to talk about Kevin. And I am pregnant again. Not the best choice of book. I could be caring the spawn of the devil!


Emily said...

I meant carrying. What on earth is happening to my spelling?

JPOD is on my list of thingstoread - a couple of people I know say it is ace.

Yummy London Mummy said...

I read that too and I couldn't put it down. Try the Time Traveller's Wife as well - that was excellent - one of those books that makes you want to stay on the tube longer (yes, that good!)

As for the spawn of the devil, you've gone past the 06.06.06 date so I should think you'll be OK! Did you read about the couple in the papers a couple of weeks ago who's baby arrived at 6.06am on 06.06.06 and they called him Damien? I'm not sure if I'm amused or horrified...

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the Time Traveler's Wife, we read that for my book club. I am far too linear for that. I ended up trying to make a timeline to make it all make sense to me (later, I read in a review that it wouldn't.) The rule in book club now is to not pick books that make me want to scream!


Emily said...

hmmm, we found out that the story was fabricated a little. The date was right but the time was a bit exaggerated. It all was a bit too clever.