Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blisters and Boo-Boos

Well, the glorious morning arrived to take off for Fire Island and the rabbit came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth virus -- something I believed only sheep in the UK could get. At least this was the only other time -- and the only living thing -- that I had heard of having it before the pediatrician diagnosed it on Monday. (I thought he was joking and laughed...which was not appreciated)

She's got little blisters on yes, the aforementioned areas, and has a terrible sore throat. We're quarantined inside basically and since Monday morning have watched:

5 movies (including 3 viewing of My Neighbor Totoro)
Eaten 2 ice cream cones
Done two "projects" (made princess crowns and a night-light)
Taken several naps (wow, did I need those)
Applied more than a dozen princess band-aids

I feel awful for the boo -- and have to there something going on here? D/Hate nights cancelled, beach excursions thwarted....have to think someone is actually listening to my rants and sending me a little message.

Well, if you're listening: next time infect the mama, not the rabbit.


Emily said...

I am new to the blog but I can assure you I don't have Godly powers!

Manhattan Mama said...

Welcome Emily....and that's just fine. Although I bet if you tried you could scare up some power...hey if I close my eyes and think hard enough I can actually start to hear the ice cream man.....

Sugarmama said...

I THOUGHT I posted a comment here yesterday, but apparently Blogger ate it. Blogger's been mighty funny lately...

What I said, though, was that this particular virus does indeed truly suck. My Bean had it a couple of months ago and was miserable for at least 2 weeks. And then, despite the pediatrician's insistence that this wasn't possible, Husband and I both got it, albeit it less severely. I hope Rabbit gets over it soon, and that the rest of you are immune.