Friday, May 05, 2006

We're Rich!

Okay, we're not.

But we're supposed to be -- all of us mamas that is -- according to a new survey from Web site which queried more than 400 mamas and discovered we should be earning $134,121 a year for our services. Work away from home and you get to tack that on top of it!

Take the survey yourself at:

(and if I could link to this I swear I would, but we'll need Yummy London Mummy and her technological expertise to explain why I am unable to this anymore....)

Now, I knew long before announced this, that I was being paid far less than I was worth -- that is, nada -- for all the cooking, grocery shopping, hair brushing, stain removing, bathtub scrubbing services I complete in between my writing assignments.

The Prince has his duties too. Right now they comprise of bath giving (the rabbit, not me....)and cockroach removal. (Ah yes, the little beasts have returned with the first sign of Spring. How I love Gotham in the Springtime.....)

He doesn't get paid either -- for his home work so to speak. But then his knowledge of our flat is fairly limited. Let's just say that our home is still my domain.

I don't actually expect to get paid for this work at home. I mean who would pay me? The government? (excuse me while I choke on my morning breakfast flakes from laughter...) But maybe we could set up a little tip jar like they do at the coffee shops. Who knows? Maybe we could make enough each month to hire a housekeeper.

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