Saturday, May 20, 2006

(S)mothers Strike Again

It's fundraising time at The Rabbit's nursery school -- planned for the last 3 months by an intrepid bunch of (s)mothers who I swear make me twitch every time I am around them. At one meeting I was asked point blank "What do you do and what can you get for free?" 'bout nothin'. Does nothin' work?

I admit. I am not very good at asking for donations. What I have done though? I have baked cookies for endless bake sales (as readers of Mothers know....), sold hundreds of dollars worth of scary chocolates that were probably made in 1999, and brought umpteen snacks, donated art supplies, etc... for her class and her school.

But did I get a credit on the little booklet that has been emailed to us all? Nope. Only the (s)mothers who actually contributed to this specific event got their snippy names in print. Forget the Mothers who baked the Cookies that paid for the Coffee the (s)mothers drank while they all congratulated themselves for planning the event.

Watch. The next time one of my homemade chocolate chip cookies appears in that school it will be tucked into The Rabbit's lunch box. As for the bake sale in two weeks to cover the printing costs for their brag books? (Oh yes, they've already alerted me....) My Kitchen Aid's in the shop.


Yummy London Mummy said...

MM - we have to hatch an evil plan. Those (S)mothers are utterly ghastly. Nobody gets away with being mean to my friend MM. Nobody. Are you listening, (s)mothers? Vengeance WILL be mine.

(I can't believe they didn't even give you a baking credit, the witches). Seems to me they're emotionally stuck in a cheerleader camp timewarp - actually, maybe that's punishment enough...

Manhattan Mama said...

Seriously. The idea of pompoms really frightens me. But I'm liking this idea of an evil plan -- LOVING it. Let's plot!