Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phone Home

Why is it that the Prince comes home and expects a certain kind of attention -- but during the day I might as well be the tax man.

This morning he could barely speak to me by phone for 14 seconds -- and lest you think I don't get office-life, I used to work at a news daily where I had to write 3-4 stories a day. Phone time was precious -- but for the Prince, I always carved out time.

By the time he gets home at night, I am stressed from my own work, the Rabbit and usually irritated by the brusque treatment from him during our one or two calls.

How hard is it to shift tones for 30 seconds, then hang up and pit bull on someone else? I think the rest of this week I'm on phone boycott. Watch: He'll never even notice.


c said...

I just read this and thought, she must be talking to MY husband at work!! My husband is a pastor at a church and I get the EXACT same treatment. What is it with men? I wish you the best with the phone boycott, but from previous trial with this money-earning, sucess-driven He-Man, you'll need more than luck. There is only one boycott that I have found true power with. :O)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

An excellent question. I know it's almost a cliche but I think it's the way men compartmentalise things. It's just easier for them NOT to think about other things than it is for us (hmmm, could that be because we simply have no choice but to think of twenty things at once because the men can only deal with one thing at a time??)

Yummy London Mummy said...

I have to admit I behave like a guy on this one. Alpha Male calls me at work and I can just about manage 'hi' and 'where did you park the car this morning?' (re school pick up, we do shifts). It's terrible, I feel guilty about it, but I have to concentrate so hard at work I become a souless corporate zombie. That's my defence, anyway. Shame on me.