Monday, May 29, 2006

The Others

Tonight we were scheduled to have some people stop by for dinner. Once The Rabbit stepped into the picture, it became tremendously easier to have people at our place than pay a babysitter $50 and go out for dinner. We even decided for tonight to made it super simple and order take-out. Although that didn't stop me from scrubbing the apartment for 3 hours last night and doing 6 loads of laundry until 1 am so we'd have tonight free.

Our "guests" were supposed to leave their weekend place around noon, and be in town by about 7/8 pm -- but at 3 pm we got a call: "Too tired, left too late. Not coming. Will call in some weeks and reschedule." about when you didn't leave at noon, calling us then? And in "some weeks?" I know stuff comes up. Believe me. I get that people have to cancel. But this just felt so cavalier. Since when did having a kid make me third-tier on the social strata?

There's some terrible sickness that seems to have befallen many people I know who have stayed friends with us but don't have kids. Granted, this has not happened to all of them -- many seem to completely get that The Prince and I want to see our friends, but money and time are not always on our side anymore. But there's these Others (not to be confused with the (s)mothers) who seem to think we have "dropped" them, or that we've descended into some place where we should be grateful for any attention they might bestow upon us.

The truth? Sure I'm hungry to chat with people who don't want to compare nursery school plans. But I just checked my datebook, and darn. I'm already busy in "some weeks."


DigiScraptacular said...

I hate it when people cancel last minute and just assume you'll be free when it's convenient for them, grrr. Like you're sitting around waiting for them...

I'm antisocial, though;-)

Jill said...

Bright side - clean apartment. Sometimes I think the best reason for inviting people over is to force me to clean the place.

Manhattan Mama said...

I know...I tend towards the anti-social sometimes too. But I think you're right Minnehaha -- if I didn't have people over sometimes the apartment would be overrun with dust bunnies!