Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dairy of a PR 'girl': the results

At long last, some of the results of the balancing-fruit-on-model-mammaries slog of last week:

click here to see what I do for a living (and no I'm NOT the girl in the picture, sadly)

or here

Hurrah. My ass is not grass. And even though I realise that my job is a little ridiculous (in the great scheme of things), I am still rather foolishly pleased...

But one of the many pleasures of having children is the fact that they keep things in perspective. I got home tonight and proudly showed displayed a copy of the Express, one of the bigger bits of coverage. Firstborn giggled, "That silly lady has strawberries on her boobies!" while the Small(er) One simply looked bemused.


Manhattan Mama said...

This is brilliant! Did you come up with the concept?

Yummy London Mummy said...

guilty as charged. :-)

SJ said...

I"m so impressed that you came up with the idea (and with the coverage--no pun intended there) As a former PR girl myself, I can relate to the oddities.