Thursday, May 25, 2006


The Blue Angels (the military's sky flying tricksters) are gracing Gotham today.

I live just near the East River and they're putting on a show this morning -- I believe because it's Fleet Week. Or at least there are an awful lot of sailors showing their colors on the city streets in the last few days.

I love that the city gets the honor of seeing the show from our own livingroom windows: but I am embarrassed to say that everytime the jets zoom by, and I hear the thunder scream as they approach, my body starts reacting like it did nearly five years ago on 9/11. I lived ten blocks that morning from the towers and watched it unfold from my roof top. I don't want to waste too much space chatting about it again, but I guess my body isn't exactly over it, per se.

Not exactly the most positive thing for a lovely blue, puffy white Spring morning, but I just to get it out there.

(And yes, I've cut off my caffeine IV this morning!)

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Artemis Rich said...

I'm right there with you. In San Francisco, we get them every October for Fleet Week. Even though I'm in Oakland now, I can still hear them, but when I still lived in the City it was hell. The windows would shake like an earthquake was happening and I'd flash back to 1989. The cats would spend days under the bed and often I'd be right along with them.

I finally went down to Aquatic Park to actually *see* the show one year, and yes they're impressive, but hell, the scare the pants off me.

Plus, I still think we can use the money more productively.