Thursday, April 27, 2006

Major Goof

Okay peeps -- YLM and I messed up huge -- I've been away on a much needed vacation and she has been away with crazed work life and we haven't posted in nearly two months. This after getting a rave review and nice nod from Parenting magazine's BayTalk site.
How lame are we?
I guess no lamer than anny mom out there trying to juggle it all.

So here's my promise to all you -- a post a day. Yes, I know that's insane. But I'm going to try and make this happen.

What I realized, after avoideing even checking the site for the past weeks, is that I missed hearing from you guys. And I missed my little "room of my own."

So PLEASE come back!
Find us!
Write us!


The One With The Food said...

It's about darn time! Just kidding but so glad you are back. I hope you had a great vaca. I miss Cali so much!

Manhattan Mama said...

I know me too.....I do love NYC, but there is something so beautiful and wild about the west coast to me....

sarah said...

glad you guys came back!!! I just found you as you took your hiatus and I can only read about the grim reaper obsession so many times! LOL

Manhattan Mama said...

Hey Sarah -- love to see you here. Thank you for coming back....I know, the grim reaper thing was hilarious but then so is much of YLM rants! And there's a new one!

Anonymous said...

Hey-don't feel bad! I first read your blog after the babytalk article, and haven't been able to find the time to come back and READ your blog, let alone write anything. I do so enjoy your writing- thanks!